Domestic Violence

Basically human is created to be couple, to present peace and love fully for this life. But, the reality has indicated the opposite fact, which is pointed by appearing many kinds of violence, such as, discrimination gender, marginalize, sub ordination, and domestic violence.

Domestic violence in meaning is harmful acts physically or emotionally which involved husbands and wives or between other individuals in intimate relationship. From the article we can find many kinds of abuse occurs between intimate partners. It said, it may include emotional or verbal abuse, denial of access to resources or money, restrain of normal activities or freedom, sexual coercion or assault, threats to kill or to harm, and physical intimidation or attacks. In extreme cases, domestic violence may result in the death of a partner.

Increasing number of domestic violence, make this case always be the hottest issue, not only in Indonesia but also in all over the world. Some expert said that domestic violence can refer to abuse of either husband or wife, this statement surely invite the impression that men are as likely as women to be victims of abuse. Meanwhile, the police and hospital report that the majority of victims of domestic violence are women. Based on the fact, we can get big question mark in our mind and interesting case at once. We should wonder what factors are made majority of women become victims of domestic violence.

Some other expert also said that one of factors is badly influenced by ideology and society culture understanding. Commonly, we often find that society always place women in the second position. For the example, our culture always teaches women how to be good wife, who always be obedient person, always serve husband well, and never tried to fight what husband command. Certainly, this view will take women to the weak position.

Another example of domestic violence is children abuse, the one of factors of this fact also caused society understanding, that is placed children in low position, as the result some parents always do whatever they want, and children demanded to follow what parents desire without let them share their ideas.

Because of this culture, which is obliged wife to be obedient to their husband, and obliged children to be obedient to their parents? The result, when they get the new information, which is delivered by television or campus about another culture pattern, that emphasized that every human has the same right, it is will difficult to accept by our society.

In my opinion, the difference between women and men in household position, only in function problem. In the practice, each function can be changed, unless the nature function, such as, pregnant, and fed the baby.

Another factor besides education, which can change those consideration culture, is creating modernization, not only about life style but more substantive, such as changes of humanity values, way of thinking, insight, knowledge, etc. Definitely, the modernization should be accompanied by external factor which has the great influences, such as, touching of mass media, television, radio, internet, etc. If the programs always present women as commodity and only being exploited by men, it’s mean, there is process way of thinking implementation. Because, all performance, which involved women as commodity, can be proof of justification that men can do violence.

Besides culture and ideology factor above, economy factor also can caused the domestic violence. The key of problem is lack of communication. If there was lack of communication, will create the great stereotyping and prejudice between both of them.

Although the number of domestic of violence always increase, and the facts indicated that women as


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